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Monday, March 7, 2011

Green Big Day Challenge 2011

Green Birding Fans ! Green Big Day Fanatics !! Please see this invitation from Scott Smithson to join his Green Big Day competition and don’t forget to email me the results of your county or state Green Big Day for posting of your record.

"If you are into birding and conservation or both, you may be interested in forming a team and competing in The Green Big Day, kicking off April 23 and ending May 8, 2011! Check out www.greenbigday.org to sign up (free) or search green big day on Facebook. You don't need to be a super birder to do this, and a bunch of Green Big Day county records are just waiting to be set. Just form a small team of 2 or more, sign up at the website, go birding for a 24 hour period without using any gasoline (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.), and submit your results by May 15.”

“This event is not a fundraiser per se, but participants can raise money on their own (bird-a-thon style) for their favorite non-profits. I encourage you to pass the word so we can see green big days happening all over the country this spring!”

Visit his site and git 'er done .